more organized?

I would really like to be sitting here and telling you I have everything together.

That the room for this iteration of the course was ready to go, that I didn’t have to make three calls in order to track down the practice kits and other random supplies and that I could find the agendas.

But that simply would not be true.

In spite of all that, the day went well, the Keurig around the corner had a nice selection of coffees and the afternoon went smoothly.

Evening was more of a challenge.  Nothing like trying to see 17 people in about 4 hours. Of course, if there was only one computer program involved it would not be hard. Instead, there is the webbased surveillance system, AHLTA-T for the medical record (clinical notes) and then to the T2 system for lab and meds ordering.

It was late (would you believe close to midnight) by the time I got back to my own little corner of the base; managing to at least get all of the information started, but with a lot left to complete.

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  1. Mary says:

    Getting done what is on one’s plate is the only way to approach things!!

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