More coins – still no fountain

Where is the ability to make a wish when you need it? I have a variety of coins to contribute to the cause, but no flashing, falling, shiny water in which to pitch my bounty.

Not a marble gargoyle spitting, a stone maiden pouring or even a carved young boy peeing into a basin any where near here. Other sources of water, yes but I can’t see turning on the outside faucet and tossing coins at it only to have them all land back in m face. Dealing with any like situation in the house is what led to the washing machine catching repeatedly in the middle of a cycle and refusing to rinse clothes for the Eldest.

Coins, as we found, are not welcome in washing machine innards.

So I will just have to stare at my multiple pots of coins and make a wish – that perhaps they were all in a currently negotiable coinage?

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4 Responses to More coins – still no fountain

  1. Bob says:

    This might help. Another idea would be to just donate the collection to a local synagogue, church, or coin club whose membership would take the time to sort, catalog, and perhaps even exchange coins – some of which might be extremely valuable.

  2. Holly says:


    doubt there is anything in there worth much. But I am thinking of a pouch full for every flight since I think a few of the airlines still ask for coins….

  3. Cat says:

    If you have any magnetic coins then Dad can make conjuring tricks from them – will buy them from you!

  4. Mary says:

    You could bury them and flummox an anthropologist of the future as she wonders how so many coins of different nations ended up in a stash squirreled away!

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