Mobile Munch

it seems that there are a number of four footed creatures in this neighborhood. The area is the Virginia tidal basin. The predators have moved on leaving the deer and rabbits in over abundance much to the detriment of gardeners everywhere. Even (or especially those who comply with all the Home Owner’s Associations rules about what you can and can’t grow).

The deer and bunnies seem to think it is free lunch; a veritable smorgasbord of nutrition (we will not talk about idiots who feed the deer… they deserve the destruction of their lawns, gardens and shrubbery).

Chere found a fawn tucked into a corner this morning. Too young to be on its own, she reported a mad scramble as it dove for safety and high tailed it out of there. Unfortunately, it left behind a calling card in the form of a tick.


Now, I don’t know about you – but I am not interested in providing tick snack. Nor will I feel deprived if denied the opportunity to be exposed to Lyme’s Disease. I think the deer are useful – as coyote food, wolf food, source of venison and deerskins. Apparently the local ticks also view them as both a mobile feast and transportation.

Chere has it figured out: a local bow & arrow hunter helps clear out the deer during season. Now, just to figure out a method to avoid the hitch-hikers without extensive use of chemicals.

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