Missed one

Angeluna was right. There are a lot of clocks which have to be reset manually. I did the watch, the one on the mantel and the kitchen clock. Noticed the one in the car today when I was totally confused at the mismatch between it and my watch.

My microwave doesn’t have a clock, but the stove does. Not a clue on how to reset it. Will have to find the manual, find the right page, read it three times. After I fail to figure it out, I am going to have to haul the laptop into the kitchen so as to be able to read the directions and work it out.

Yes, you guessed it. No manual other than the one that I finally found on line.

Oh, there is also one in my camera that seems to exist in a world where no one has daylight savings time, time zone changes or 29 days in February.

I finished the lower jaw (birds head) on Phoenix today but you are going to have to wait for pictures. 44 Rows to go on the body…. and I really can’t knit any more on the sleeves till the body is complete just to make sure that the sleeve width and the armholes match exactly.

I am off to Yorkshire (RAF Menwith Hill) in the morning and will be home late on Wednesday night. One of my colleagues is going to stop by for the dog so she gets out, fed and has people during the day.

I am off to make sure that the garbage is out, the dishes are washed, uniform packed up and the house does not look too disreputable when the dog is picked up.

Oh, and to make sure I have the addresses so those skeins of yarn can get on their way!

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  1. Angeluna says:

    Holly, I have to giggle. I also do the clean up of the house so the animal sitter won’t think I’m a slob.

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