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Milk, bread and toilet paper — 6 Comments

  1. We tend to forget the basics with our current technology.

    My IPhone app tells me the temp at 0303in Bagram was 27 F.

    This comes through the WiFi in my hotel in Belize where I just finished an E meeting with an NGO board.

    Yes, we did bring a flashlight.

  2. I have an led flash that clips and it is usb so it can be charged while working and its awesome

  3. Certainly does sound a bit rough where you are. You had me in stitches mentioning ‘milk, bread and toilet paper’. I thought this was something strictly native to the Pittsburgh area! Imagine my surprise! Think about it…now if you were preparing for a weather emergency why on earth would one choose milk, bread and toilet paper. Toilet paper, ok, I can see that. Sears catalogues are not as soft and absorbent 🙂 Milk, well ok, if you are desperate for tea or have small children, but not a necessity. Same with bread. Buy a bread maker for emergencies and make your own. Everyone else will be hoarding bread but you will have a field day with flour, yeast, etc. My three main staples, other than the above mentioned toilet paper which is a given, would be candles, a Monopoly board game and a supply of batteries for radios, etc. Makes more sense….:) I wonder now if a survey was to go around as to what three things people would stockpile in hearing of a weather emergency…..how many people would actually say ‘milk, bread and toilet paper’?

  4. Do you have one of those great gizmos which wind up? We have one (from LLBean) which has flashlight, radio, cell phone charger, and who knows what else, and can be powered by electricity, batteries or WIND UP!!! So far though, no power failures in Maine, so we haven’t put it to a reality test yet.

  5. Sounds like your SF Buddy gave you a SUREFIRE 🙂 Those are the best tactical shooting (and general purpose) lights around 😉 nice score Colonel!

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