Military Museum of the Azores

The last time I was here (May 2012) I didn’t walk all the way to the left down the harbor. I saw that there was some kind of military structure but didn’t think a thing of it.

Today I made the hike and discovered the Museu Militar dos Acores. For a whopping 3E entry fee I spent time happily wandering around. The following are random photos taken inside. Again, as always – double clicking a few times will enlarge.

As you can tell – the various toys date from the first world war on up. We will not mention time spent in Angola or Mozambique, nor comment on handwriting in the 1500s. All of the items are tucked into various internal rooms in the fort.

All work is being done by active duty, trucking around with mops and buckets. Somethings just don’t change.

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