Midnight Sun and Fjords

Monday night and Tuesday morning

….. (since today is another day at sea…)

While there were clouds covering most of the sky, a number of us were still determined to get pictures of the midnight sun. Tonight was our last opportunity as we are headed back down the coast toward Tromso. Sitting in the Horizon Lounge at the top of the ship, I chatted with a couple from the Falklands. The jazz quartet providing the music maintained their sense of humor as their audience kept abandoning them for reported sightings of whales.

I can’t shoot at a faster speed than ISO 100, which might give you an idea of the available amount of light around midnight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get up before 0600 and missed the most spectacular portion of the trip. The mountains and glaciers were receding into the background when I headed upstairs looking for a cup of coffee. Beverage forgotten, I stood in the bright sunshine just stunned by the land.

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  1. Love those pictures Holly. Reminds of my days at sea.

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