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  1. WOW! You mean I’m not alone? I have occasionally thought how wonderful it is to have a nephew. That means I can keep all those things with all those memories locked in my room and house. Then, the day I die, somebody will be there to back up the dumpster and get rid of the string of t-shirts from volunteer events, the ticket stubs that trace my travels in various countries, and other items that (perhaps rightly) look like garbage to others, but to me fill in huge gaps in childhood memories.

    I have learned to look with skepticism upon the word “free.” Sure, everyone likes a bargain. But what will that free bag/hat/visor/key chain/etc. look like amid all the other stuff that actually has meaning and isn’t going anywhere. I have tried to compensate for my hoarding of memory objects by avoiding the acquisition of anything new that won’t end up eaten, composted, recycled, or given away within a week or two. The sad thing about memories, though, is they tend to fade no matter how hard we try to keep them. So, occasionally items pass out of significance and into the recycle bag or compost bin. This allows for feelings of triumph and virtuousness (and an opportunity for a bit of over-due dusting).

    Good luck with the laundry room.

  2. *hug* Thank you. My husband’s grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and now I understand better some of his compulsion to hang onto things that make no sense to me. Much appreciated.

  3. Want to commend you for this little insight into getting older – very well written and perfectly parallels my own thoughts and feelings without having to struggle a single word out of my brain. Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Sounds like you are at home for a few days! Have fun…

  4. I’m much the same way. I really don’t like the word hoarder, it’s become almost fashionable, but I admit I hang on to things much past their usefulness or apparent need. Yes, let us not count the yarn stores in my basement or the spinning wheel I haven’t touched in at least 3 months. Its time will come again. Maybe even tomorrow. I have a hard time explaining my need for books or magazines or even music that still exists on tapes. Maybe I’m preparing for the eventual apocalipse and the resultant return to pre-computer and electricity world. I’ll be prepared well. I still occasionally print out photos, not trusting that all the ones I have stored electronically will one day just disappear in with one press of the wrong key.

    So having said all that, want to use some of your stash to play along with the March Sweater Madness this year??

  5. I was thinking about your Memories post. I guess that is why I have so many ‘old’ names in my address book. Sometimes I think of taking them out, but then think I’d better keep them or I will forget the name of that person and things associated with him/her.

  6. Yes, the blog is still there. Haven’t heard anything from Michelle. Might have to send her an email. I like March Sweater Madness because I always end up with a completed sweater, within the month of March or shortly there after. I have to decide on a pattern.

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