Memorial Day – 2008

It has been a lovely 17 degrees and sunny in Finland.

As we were coming into Frankfurt, it was mid 20s, and not bad at all.

And then there is London. London City airport. It is 15 degrees. And raining, let us not forget the rain. We walk down the ramp out into the rain. There is plane side pick up of luggage for those who plane side checked bags. I see my suitcase being unloaded; releaved that it made it.

Nasty day, and a bank holiday to boot. So National Rails is doing their thing, offering bus service here and there along the journey.

Rain is good on Memorial Day. At least as a member of the military forces, it is a day for reflection and thought, not for sales and picnics. So rain is fine. I much prefer funerals in the rain.

Let the heavens weep as we hear day after day of further “losses” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why do we play with euphemisms? No one is lost, we know exactly where to find their bodies. They are dead, killed for the ambitions of others by a government that seems to think that sunk costs justify more sacrifice.

Lost to their families and friends, lost to the future. Contributions that will never be made, homecomings that will not be made.

Attend a ceremony, go to a cemetery to honor those who gave up their lives for their country.

The way to make a sacrifice not be in vain is to take courage and honor in hand. To not let events stampede us toward a future more brutal than the realities of the present. If we truly believe in democracy and the right of self determination, then we need to let other countries have that same right.

Even when they don’t chose as we would wish.


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2 Responses to Memorial Day – 2008

  1. Linda M says:

    Hi Holly, I lurk on your site because I enjoy your writing, your travel, your knitting and your occasional essays on life, etc. I think I found you when I was searching for a pattern about two years ago. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for sharing your insider perspective on Memorial Day. It was very moving.

  2. amanda says:

    Well written Holly, thanks for sharing.

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