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Mehrgenerationhaus, Heidelberg-Rohrbach — 15 Comments

  1. it was a little chaotic I admit! BUT EVERYBODY LOVED IT!!!
    I asked Emma how she liked it when we rode the bike home, which Seder she liked better. ANd she said this one, I asked why and she replied cause there was nice songs and music!!!
    So next year- G-d willing since we have much room for improvement we will read the Haggadah with not many explanations and SING and PLAY MUSIC!!!

  2. I’m so glad you had a happy Passover Seder and that things are going well with at least one child.

  3. Wonderful find!

    I have been reading about this type of housing – here it is called communal housing or community housing. There’s a big article on new housing modes in the AARP Bulletin this month.

    I think this is very interesting, and I am so glad you found a good place for Seder!

  4. Fascinating idea, these houses. How many of those attending the seder lived in this particular one? I have no doubt that she is, in fact, a jewel. 🙂

  5. I think about 1/2 attending were in someway affiliated with the house including volunteers, staff and 3-4 who live there. it was hard to tell, and no one really cared, which was part of why it was so cool.

  6. Your Seder sounds perfect to me! I am numbers challenged this year…no sons home (Jeremy flies to Barksdale AFB this morning) to help celebrate, and my good friends all dealing with BIG stuff and un-available this year.
    Any thoughts on a Seder for two?

  7. Let me know how it feels.

    I was retired for one day, and did not have time to savor the experience.

  8. I had a few friends who had a similar problem. One former SGM was doing a OCONUS(Stuggart) to OCONUS(Alaska) retirement. He had a few problems but had it worked out finally. He said there was a little mess trying to get it done properly. AS you mentioned the problem is with the knuckleheads in the Pentagon. I wonder how bad it was during Vietnam era when Navy guys wanted to retire at Subic Bay.
    Good luck.

  9. Nice concept. George is looking well, and sort of elf-like. Is there any significance to white skullcaps?

    Seder at our church is tomorrow, did Brad tell you we’re Unitarian Universalists? UU, where all your answers are questioned….

    My moment to shudder= food on a piano- I cringe at the thought.

    I didn’t recognize the Maus at first, how they grow….

    Happy Spring and all attendant events,

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