Meeting Up

The Ravelry group of Heidelberg area knitters (or at least five of them) managed to get together last Sat afternoon. If my flight had been on time, I would have been able to be there.

One of the group, Snowberrylime, thought she might be able to meet up this week. Weinheim was the planned location and 1530-1600 at the trainstation the location.

Cell phones are great – we finally found each other along this less that 100m street by looking for the other woman on the handi. Go figure! I had been sitting the park, not 20 meters from her car, but we managed to miss each other for the first three tries.

Walking up the hill to the pedestrian zone, we found a nice coffee shop. I automatically went up stairs. Well, the kids noise corner complete with buckets of blocks for throwing was there as well. Two sets of twins, boys both (identical) under the age of three were having a great time.

She was working on Baudelaire in this lovely Lanna Grosso sock yarn. It is one of those patterns which has been on my todo list for a while, this just brought it up a couple of notches.

Ms Grayjeans

I am rather pleased with the ribbing detail


and the sheep watched me carefully finish up the first arm


and start on the second. And rip out the second because my brain somehow was stuck on ribbing. The sleeve has several inches of stockinette before the ribbing. Now, if this had been the first sleeve, it could have been a design element. But I really wanted the sleeves to match. Frog those four inches and move on, right?

Since someone mentioned wanting progress pix – Voila! the usual mirror picture complete with knitting needle as temp closure.


AUdio &

I mentioned Shiver by Lisa Jackson. And then there is Season 2 of Dead Zone.


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  1. amanda j says:

    Your cardigan is looking fabulous. And no doubt you would be able to knock out a pair of Baudelaires in a day or so!!

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