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  1. Looks great, no snow. We, on the other coast, have 5+” of same and count selves fortunate.

  2. Am loving all the photos! Just showed the organised shelves to Garry as inspiration to get him to organise the stuff in our very messy shed. Love the Jacuzzi ducks (jealous! – our hot tub has a leak somewhere & is therefore out of action) & the views.

    About 90F here, am enjoying the summer, esp. given the news of the huge US snowstorm

  3. We share the importance of duckies. I have a very nice set from England–complete with “Bobby” ducky and Palace Guard ducky.

    • They sit up just fine on land. They apparently are just not balanced enough to swim. Poor duckies.

  4. Ducky is quite qute and we are sure he or she likes friends, glad you supplied them

    your view is gorgeous and glad you are settling in, did you purchase this new home or are you renting ?

    are you traveling or should we ask are you still cruising or is the new home your project

  5. Our director collects rubber duckies. 🙂 Found one recently that is a TEA STRAINER! Lord love a duck.

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