When you were younger, did anyone ever throw stones at your window to capture your attention after your parents went asleep? Perhaps you got up, sneaking out or letting someone in?

When you are well over 50 – it is not thrilling.

Somewhere past 0100 in the morning I awoke and groggily recognized the weird “boing” out on the balcony as having to do with small stones. And that it was directed toward me.

Having left the room door slightly ajar, it had not occurred to me that the DH would be locked out of the hotel, not being able to get to the door. Seems like it took him 45 minutes to get my attention, meanwhile getting rather chilly. After getting up, pulling on clothes and finding a door that I could open, I stomped back to bed. There is a point to taking along one’s cell phone, is there not?

Well after breakfast, we checked out and headed to Meersburg.

Known for its castle, port and tourism – there are old walls, interesting buildings and a plethora of flowers, even at this time of year.


and entertainment from street performers


Even more importantly –


That is not a balloon shaped like a Zeppelin – that is a Zepplin. Here, along the Bodensee is where the industry started with Graf Zeppelin building the first in 1900. The museum is located near the castle. After watching a film on the Zeppelin (historical footage from the early 1900s through WWI and the lead up to WWII and ending with the fire of the Hindenburg ) we spent a few minutes looking at the exhibits of original items from various of the ships.


I had not realized how many of them had been built, nor that they were actually used on bombing runs over the English coast in WWI. Sitting duck is not a good term, rather – large visible flying object with minimal maneuverability comes to mind. I have no clue why anyone would have been surprised at how easily even the first planes could take them out (strafe, watch the explosion and fire).

We have added to our book collection with Luftschiff marsch! (#2-19 on the list) which has an incredible collection of original photos.

Heading toward home, we stopped in Hechigen for coffee. Where the history of the town can be found on the town center fountain,


or hanging over shop doors.




Leaving me only the toe to graft on the first sock.


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2 Responses to Meersburg

  1. fbz says:

    wow the first row of photos i thought were doll-sized models of a town, how charming! the upkeep on some european villages still amazes me after moving to france (then deutschland) five years ago. your peacock sock looks fabulous.

  2. Kristin L says:

    I love Meersburg! We went to that same Zeppelin museum about 5 years ago. We stayed in the Hotel zum Baeren (third one) and it is definitely as charming on the inside as it is on the outside.

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