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  1. If you’re going downtown, just take as many as you can carry at a time to the give/take bookshelf in the Neugasse. We’ve always seen that people love to pick books up from there.

    (And, you’re inspiring me with your cleaning up-and-out stories. I just have to get to a point where I can have the time to devote to such a project!)

  2. @Denise

    been doing that for a while, but there is not always shelf space! The good thing is that I seem to be the only one dropping off English language books so they do seem to disappear rather quickly. Tourists I think

  3. @Holly

    Yes! We’ve found that, too. Not sure about the tourists…I’m not sure many of them know about this bookshelf, but there sure are plenty of people in HD who speak/read English who know about it.

    How about contacting the library at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut? Maybe they have a giveaway shelf there if they don’t need the books for the library collection.

  4. @Holly

    OW… I’m sorry! We had them in the garage for awhile; no fun at all, good luck. (I kept asking at the time if we could just, y’know, borrow a cat or something.)

  5. Recently I was told about someone who brought an entire container load of yarn to Australia with her when she left Germany. The woman who told me also said, “And, when she died, her husband just dumped the lot at the rubbish dump.” Her own husband saw it but was unable to rescue it before it was covered over. The two of us were left pondering what might have been.

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