Major milestone

65 has got to be one of those milestones that is so far in the future when you are a college student that you can’t imagine every being that old. Nor probably that life doesn’t end at the age of 30.

Some of us like to celebrate birthdays – others (like me) are more than pleased to have gained another year of experience but would rather skip all the excitement.

My husband is one who enjoys a party. What is more, it has become almost an annual event in July – on his birthday (the 11th which is why you are reading this) or as close to it as he can come given weekdays are not the best time for friends to hang around on the terrace, drink beer and BBQ.

Go ahead, wish him a happy birthday – grATaeris-capitalDOTcom

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  1. Susan says:

    Had it on my calendar 🙂
    Please wish him a happy birthday from us!

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