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  1. A good news day with a high platelet count and power coming back.

    There is even a small flamingo colony living in the wild in Bavaria.

    At the rate the world is warming, they’ll soon be in Canada as well.

    • It was a good day.

      Flamingos do live a lot of different places. Canada? Mostly zoos for the moment…

  2. This is why we went for a gas cook top as well as electric oven. We can always make a hot drink and cook something. I hope your power stays on but the news service pictures made me wonder – even allowing for their general way of getting things wrong it didn’t look good.

    • Looks like we will be skipped on this next round of shutoffs. But I will be shopping daily for a while, not interested in tossing any more food than absolutely necessary.

  3. It was a joint effort.
    I think I might have spotted it first but we both agreed you needed it.

  4. What an experience!
    I hope this ends soon.
    So glad George is doing better and coming to the end of the current treatments.
    Love the flamingo!

  5. I love that George is doing so well. I love that whole flamingo letting there be light thing. I love that you have Shana nearby. And yay for electricity!

  6. Geez Holly, what an ordeal. Fortunately it sounds like you have a good grip on everything that’s been thrown your way. How is George holding up? Glad to hear they are decreasing how often he needs to be seen and that the antibiotics are about finished. I hope the fires stay well away from you, it’s beyond horrible what’s happening with the fires, thousands evacuated. Keeping all of you in our prayers.

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