Did I mention that I have blog information strewn across three computers? Or that I need to set up an FTP on the MAC so that I can use it with my host server?

Thought not. That would mean that I managed to find the home page of my host, my account number and log-in as well as updating some other information.

I have gotten lazy. WordPress is easy enough to administer that I don’t go to my provider except via FTP and those parameters were set well over a couple of years and several computers ago.

Of course, if I consolidated it would be easier. Or if I could figure out what was slowing the load time on my blog I would also be a happy camper. But to do that, I need to get into the flow information which requires the information in para #2. Even managing to find the account number, I still can’t log in since what I thought was my password does not work. It seems the other way to get the information would be to have my handi registered in which case they would SMS a reset.

Now, would you believe that I have to be able to log in to accomplish that?


Hot Mahogany – by Stuart Woods. A Stone Barrington Novel, for those who read by series.

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  1. Jinx says:

    I found out myself that if you have installed too many plugins with wordpress, it may very well slow down dramatically. Maybe this is the problem?


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