Lost thoughts

I have all these opening lines for essays, discussions, commentaries – whatever you want to call them. They pop into my mind as the start of a conversation at the oddest moments. Usually wehn I am behind the wheel of the car or otherwise engaged so that I have limited acess to recording media. It might be my subconscious working or the confluence of random bits of information that coalesce into a coherent whole.

Today the idea formed as I drove through the front gate on the mile drive to my front door on the way home. When something occurs to me, it is wise to get it down as soon as possible. I have learned through bitter experience that if I don’t stop and capture those thoughts/ideas/sentences they will flee – forever gone and irreplaceable.

There are two possible places to stop on my drive to the house. The first is by a small bridge on the left, a tiny gravel pullover that is normally occupied by fishermen’s cars. The second is on the right as you turn at Queen Victoria and the Cricket Field House.

Choosing the second, I had paper, pen, and an empty mind.

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One Response to Lost thoughts

  1. The cat says:

    Ah yes, brilliant first lines….now there’s a book in that!

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