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  1. We can only relate a personal experience here. Our 21-pound, 10-year old, male, indoor cat, bolted from the front door being negligently held open while speaking to a visitor (usually done THROUGH the door). Not chasing him or doing anything we thought might frighten him more, we left him sniffing the front yard for about thirty minutes. He’d NEVER been outside alone in his life, but on many occasions had been permitted in the yard on a leash held by one of us. Long story made short: he disappeared for one day shy of THREE WEEKS. We had alerted neighbors, police, animal control, and so forth. One evening he just shows up, meowing to get in. He’s lost weight, needs a bath, and appears super fatigued. He eats like he’s starving and then finds his bed . . . and stays there sleeping for two days. He wakes, eats again, is given a bath, and resumes his life as if he’d never had this vacation. A trip to the vet for a precautionary checkup shows no ill effects. The only thing we know for sure is that he wasn’t able to father any little ones during his escapade, and this was Georgia despite being end of November, early December. Neither of us speak “cat” so interrogation was useless. We figure his size, weight and having all his “tools” kept him safe from possible predators. We’re glad each got home and all is once again peaceful.

  2. Aw. Glad the he was found, though of course he’ll tell you he was never really lost.

    He is a beauty.

  3. Glad you found the cat. He’s gorgeous by the way. Does he know how handsome he is? If he does, that’s not good. Handsome males tend to stray. Now I do not say this from personal experience. On the other hand, all our cats have been female.

    Anyway, good that he is home.

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