Loreto Mexico

I would like to say that I fully saw this lovely, quaint town. That I went snorkling and hiking. That I enjoyed the sunshine, mild breeze and beautiful waters.

But I didn’t.

It is a tender port that prides itself on limiting the commercial and staying individual it meant for me that there limited choices for working this morning. Probably I should just feel lucky that my board call this morning fell on a port day.

out there - but I'm in here...

out there – but I’m in here…

The independent local hotel has wifi – free for those sitting around and drinking coffee. Day pass which gets you pool and food access just didn’t see worth it since it is the same network (I think). Everything worked well till about 45 minutes before I had to be on line when the lobby filled up and everything ground down to a halt. Skype doesn’t work if you don’t have bandwidth.

But, as it turns out – data over my phone will work for dialing in on Skype. Go figure. Now my only question is going to be – how long is my 3Euros going to last…..

(and if something changes – I will add it ….)

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