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Looking back 20 years — 3 Comments

  1. Do I detect a hint of something I’ve often read about?

    Many people who deploy to a combat zone report feeling more alive there. Despite the danger and hardships, they’re caught up in the intensity, the sense of purpose and the camaraderie.

    When they return, they enjoy living comfortably and safely with friends and family. But soon it’s starts to feel dull.

  2. Actually, less alive. More isolated as far as families. Close knit units do better. But saying that people feel “alive” begs the question. Boredom interspersed with times of complete terror? And, there is a lot of questioning of purpose. The blind following of directions is long since gone. What happens when people get home is that adjustment is hard to extremely hard. They will never get back that portion of family life they missed. The world moved on without them. And they don’t quite fit.
    On my side of the fence, we spend a lot of time preparing people for the upcoming changes and working with anyone facing challenges when they get home.
    Sleep disorders are a fact of life. PTSD is real. But just being deployed changes every very. Sometimes, but not always, for the better.

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