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Looking for good homes

Usually, I look through knitting magazines before I take them to the check out. I was in too much of a hurry today. As a result, I have both Winter 2007 of Knitters and Spring 2008 of Interweave Knits that need a good home. I am willing to mail each to anywhere in the world. The only pattern I found that I would do is the Tulip Socks – and since I have the original charts (from the Traunenfels Austrian Museum series) I don’t need the pattern.

If there is more than one person that wants each, then I will do a random number, draw a card or something. Mail is going out on Friday.

I did manage to get my paperwork in today for my German license, picked up two of the three outstanding family tourist passports, drove through a snow storm and only had a small clinic this afternoon.

March Sweater Madness

aka Ms Greyjeans.
This top down raglan is going quickly. I am about 13 cm below the arms and just starting the cable and rib section. Normally I don’t think of myself as particularly fussy about all the details, but I do like symmetry. The cable is a simple 4 stitch, and it is the same, all the way around the sweater. It doesn’t mirror, which means that the cable is crossed toward one side of the front and away from the other side.

Since I have only the first round of cabling done, I don’t think it is going to be all that hard to fix those five repeats.

Details, just details but it could make a real difference on the appearance.

Audio etc

Finished Savannah Blues and am moving on to Shiver by Lisa Jackson.
And then there is the current – TV Series to knit by – Dead Zone. Just starting with DvD 1, Season 1.


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