Long Days Journey to the Oakland Coliseum

We all know that I am totally insane right?

How else would you explain a flight before 0700 in the morning out of Barcelona.  That meant a cab at 0430 for the 20-30 minutes to the airport. Prompt check-in was followed by security (one person at a time thank you very much) and breakfast in the lounge. So there we all were, prompt at B26 for our flight. Except for the fact that the flight boarding was for Malaga, not Frankfurt. The phone beeps – you have a gate change to B26.

Oh, really? Meanwhile the announcement over the tannoy in Catalan and Spanish informs us of the gate change to B42. At least it is the same terminal. The crowd moves in mass and lines up once again. I notice a couple of minutes later that there is a “business line” that is empty. Lufthansa Sen right? I change lines not that it turns out to do much good since we all board a bus out to the plane.

This is where it gets really fun. There are two sets of stairs and everyone but five of us head to the front stairs. I am in row 15 which isn’t quite half way back (so I thought). Turns out there are 42 rows? Some would say celestial significance to the gate number. Me? I just can’t recognize the seating configuration from the outside. Nevertheless, it takes me no time to move forward and take my seat. Several minutes later a woman in another row starts taking bags out of the overhead compartment to put hers in where she wants. Not happy when I explain that I would prefer my bag be left (above my row) where I placed it. She is young and healthy – I have the steely glare and she backs down.

I love Frankfurt Airport. It is organized. It is well signed. You can go from Terminal A to Passkontrol to Terminal Z WITHOUT having to go through another security check. Seriously. Luggage checked through to final destination, only goods and services those provided by the airport. How civilized….

Please note – in spite of my header, the reason for coming back early is not to make the game but to make a couple of appointments at the SFVA on Friday morning.

Other than getting sent in the lower level (380s have two levels, being upstairs is lovely) and having a discussion with old of the cabin attendants, boarding went smoothly. The food was good, the flight comfortable. Didn’t get any sleep but that was fine. The lovely niot so young pregnant woman I wound up spending time with was interesting. Resolving anxiety (her, the cabin attendants) and that we had no need to drop her off in Greenland was more than worth the loss of a nap.

Arriving in SFO, I used the Mobil passport app and was 10 minutes from plane to baggage claim. Wish I could say that my luggage arrived in less than an hour. By the time I made North Berkeley I was wiped.

After all of that, I went to sleep rather than to the game…

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