London again

And it was off again today on the train to London. Meetings all day in another of the historic conference rooms.

I did find out that I can take pictures in the historic areas, and the king’s old wine cellar. Next time I am down here, I will bring the camera. I had not been sure about bringing it in the building and now I know.

Afterwards, well – you would think that I had learned my lesson about shoes after Wednesday. Not too foolish, I had pulled out a different pair to look a bit dressed up forgetting that most shoes are mediums and my feet are not. The resulting problem when wearing stockings is that feet slide forward, hurting those little toes. Especially anything with a heel taller than 1 cm. These were all of a spectacular 3 cm tall. Apparently too much for my feet, I was miserable and could not face much in the way of walking around, canceling my planned visit of a few stores.

Just home in time to get candles lit and supper on the table.


I guess I should get used to speaking of waistcoats instead of vests?


Since I don’t like seams I am knitting the vest all in one piece to the armholes, then dividing. It is so nice knitting with 5,0mm needles for a change. A nice break from the 2,00 for socks or the 3,?? on the Viking Sweater.

Audio Books

Continuing on Hot Target at home while finishing the last of the three Michael Palmer’s on the train.


Crossing over the Thames, I need some better shots of the pedestrian bridges.


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