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Through a lovely quirk, I discovered last week that StashDiva was planning a bit of time in Heidelberg. And here I am on my con leave, actually home and able to get together. Although her blog has been quiet recently, she certainly got ahead of the sock knitting curve (pix) for the 52 Pair Plunge and is still going. Who else knit 12 pairs of socks by 20 April? Not me, I managed 10 for the entire month (and was not sick of sock knitting, the only impressive part).

I got to show off our renovations as part of the disaster house tour. All that remains for boy teen’s room is one last coat of paint, the molding above the floor. And where the extra door was removed will be built into a bookcase.
Noah's roomNoah's room
The meeting this morning on the bathroom that was left like this –
Noah's room
solved most of the problems. That huge box that holds the toilet tank will be reduced by half. Simply by changing the location of the toilet flushing mechanism from front to top will reduce the whole fixture by close to 40 cm in height. I think we can live without the throne. It certainly is the most economical solution of all those we reviewed.

I have only been in the Reykjakiv Airport and never actually in the city or country. It was interesting to talk about Iceland while having soup, bread and cheese. Hey, I am a bent wing bird here, cutting up the potatoes, carrots and smashing the tomatoes was about my limit.

After lunch, we had her boyfriend happy with his laptop plugged into the LAN.

That let us free to settle in with knitting.

Two Knitters

Happily chatted about kids, knitting, yarn, cross-stitch, quilting and, of course, socks. I completely lost track of time. Just think, to live in a country where everyone knits. Where you have to be careful to check with other family members when knitting for a new grandchild so that the new parents get a variety of knitted things, and not too many of any one item. Audio books were also a common enjoyment – multitasking is great. Even though I know about downloading audio books, it was good to talk to someone who has been doing it regularly. Gives me an option if I don’t want to want for weeks on the mails. English language anything is just not easily found here.

Sadly, I had to let them go and DH gave them a ride to Bismarckplatz.

Iceland Travelers
Meeting StashDiva gives me just one more reason to visit Iceland. Lopi, knitting, great scenery, and of course, friends with whom to knit.


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  1. Marit says:

    Iceland is definitely a good destination! I lived there for 18 months(in 1985/86) and loved it! Have been back only twice, but a familytour has been spoken of for a long time!

  2. colin says:

    I shall have to be sure you are on leave when I make my visit!
    How is the shoulder?

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