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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were being drive in an up-armored Humvee. Or better yet, one of those USMC wheeled armored vehicles.

    • these are idiots who don’t even have enough sense to get out of the way for emergency vehicles. I would be safer in an unarmored vehicle, but wouldn’t get there any faster. But it is tempting….

  2. Thanks for the update! And Thanks for making me grateful that I don’t have to commute in the cities anymore

    • I am a huge fan of public transportation when dealing with major metro areas. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of germ bearing creatures on them, so George is restricted to POVs

  3. There are more than a few drivers here in Alabama who need to remember what a turn signal is, too! :). I’m glad George is getting better!

    • I don’t think any area has a monopoly on idiots! But it is the ones that don’t yield to emergency vehicles that drive me nuts.

  4. In DC they used to tailgate the ambulances! The only time I was in a forgiving mood was when it was the patient’s husband.

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