Less than 48 hours

Till the packers come and I am much more interested in playing the occasional computer game, reading a book or making sure that I have a high quality copy of my audible purchases on a backup drive.

There are those times when the brain just gets a bit overwhelmed and I don’t want to even look at any of my dozens of free floating lists or the anxiety will just scale up sooner. Of course there are always those other errands to run which get in the way of doing what I want.

What do I want anyway? Oh yes, for it to be the 11th of August and have this whole mess behind me. Meanwhile, I walked another loop of the house making sure that the appropriate cupboards are all emptied, that a few more containers are packed and stacked, that another few bags of “stuff”are leaving for the charity shop.

I even restrained myself. No holler, yelling or screaming today. Just mostly begging. That seems to work. Flattery – that works even better…..

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2 Responses to Less than 48 hours

  1. Marie says:

    Hi well done on all your hard work, are you nearly at the end.

  2. Pat says:

    So intense! I’m feeling awfully intense, but what you are going through is so much bigger. Keeping you and yours in my prayers during the move. This is HUGE! Wow, what a big change.

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