Legend – her last cruise



her last route


When we arrive in Barcelona, the Legend will be leaving RCCL and going to Thompson/Tui.  We will be setting sail in the evening. I am hoping for the Suez during the day since one can never have too many digital photos, can one?  I might get off the ship in Malta, but haven’t made that decision as of yet.


It will be a bittersweet journey. I really like the ship and staff. There are ships which I have cruised more often, mostly because of location and time frames. But the Legend? She has been the venturesome ship, the one to try new ports, new travel routes.  I understand intellectually the idea of disposing the smaller and more expensive ships, but there are of those who pick them for their size, lack of whiz-bang and diminished number of the under 15 set.

The Itinerary as Planned


Monday, March 13 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 8:00pm

Tuesday, March 14 At Sea

Wednesday, March 15 At Sea

Thursday, March 16 At Sea

Friday, March 17 At Sea

Saturday, March 18 At Sea

Sunday, March 19 Suez Canal, Egypt (Cruising)

Monday, March 20 Suez Canal, Egypt (Cruising)

Tuesday, March 21 At Sea

Wednesday, March 22 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 6:00am 6:00pm

Thursday, March 23 At Sea

Friday, March 24 Valletta, Malta 7:00am 5:00pm

Saturday, March 25 At Sea

Sunday, March 26 Barcelona, Spain 6:00am


From Barcelona, I will be beating feet for the airport. Due back at the Center on the 29th and should still be pretty much timezone whacked.

BTW – I did get off the ship today. We had to, otherwise I didn’t see the point. Since the shuttle bus to the mall was free – that seemed like a much better deal than hanging out in the terminal.

The usual buildings were passed. The Frame is still…… under construction and just as stupid looking as before. Pictures obviously taken from the moving bus…

Surprisingly, some items are limited. For example stationary supplies and reading lights. No one carried the Pilot erasable pens and apparently clip on reading lights, even LED, are now passe.  Back on board by noon, the DL was the place to hang out till it became well overcrowded…


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4 Responses to Legend – her last cruise

  1. Jen says:

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! On the 21st, I’ll stand at the seashore and wave at you as you head north. 🙂

    • Holly Doyne says:

      I’ll wave back, but I’m not sure we are going to be that close to Herzliya that you will be able to see me madly jumping up and down on deck and waving back!

  2. Rebecca says:

    If you have an Android smart phone there is a reading light app that works well and doesn’t drain the battery. It’s more awkward than the clip on lights and can be a bit of a butt trying to configure the size of the light (for brightness) but it’s worked for me many times and doesn’t disturb the snoring chainsaw/motorcycle/bear I sleep next too lol.

    • Holly Doyne says:

      pretty much the same on iPhones. The issue really is something that I don’t have to hold since I need both hands for the cross-stitch

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