This is not about Paris and the Left Bank – nor is it about people, handedness or whatever you first thought. Unless you are a knitter – then you already know what is coming next.

Leftie is a pattern designed by Martina Behm. She is the designer of the also frequently knit Hitchhiker.

I knit one –

fall colors with leftover natural

and, other than dealing with a ton of ends which needed to be woven in I had a good time (the natural colored Louet Gems had been a bit chewed by moths).

So – I knit another

using shades of rose and pink

out of sock yarn again going to multicolored in the scarf body and solids for the leaves.

Then, when I was in Reno I found just the perfect contrast yarn for a skein of STR. Oh – and beads. I decided that the scarf really needed some beads in the leaves.

Leftie – the third

I have one last one started for me, rust colored semi-solid for the body and the rest of the Louet gems for the leaves. I am using up the last of the golden color beads from the third iteration.

Now, I just need to toss a couple in the mail so I don’t have them all just sitting there….

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