Lectures, meetings and lace

Starting with another lecture early in the morning (Traveller’s Diarrhoea). Such a lovely way to start a day (not).

Different story than the “figuring out the history of cholera” story. Anyway – TD as it is known – is all too common. Partly it is just that if there are any microbes in the water, they are unlikely to be familiar to the traveller. Also, there are all the fun pathogens which you normally do not invite into your house (such as Samonella, Rotovirus and the Norovirus cousins plus a good variety of parasites.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Traveling, strange water and most of the world where the water out off the tap is not potable. Usual discussions of whether or not to pre-treat certain vulnerable groups and to offer rescue meds to others.

Mostly the day was a series of good lectures, a mid day detour to Newbury Yarns and the annual membership meeting.

Two nice balls of red shibui fingering weight yarn and an Evelyn Clark pattern and I was all set.

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