Leaving Zanzibar

hurry up and wait for flights. Those headed to the states leave out about 2000 this evening. Or so. Me? My Turkish Airways flight doesn’t leave till 0dark330 in the mornig.

Below is what the booklet said:

Day 6 – Jul 26, 2015 Zanzibar • Optional Prison Island Tour •

Today is at leisure to make your own discoveries or join an optional Prison Island Tour. Just off the coast of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, Prison Island was originally intended to house runaway slaves, however, it was never actually used as a prison. Today this tropical island acts as a sanctuary for giant tortoises—some which are more than 100 years old. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to interact with exotic wildlife and gain insight into its unique local history as you enjoy stunning views of white sandbars and the crystal-clear water that surrounds the island.
Later this afternoon, we fly to Dar es Salaam Airport and depart on our overnight flight home, via Amsterdam, arriving the next day.


We left Fumba Beach about noon. After dropping our bags off for safe keeping at the Swahili House we toured the main museum.  Now open to the public, the four buildings were the interconnected residence of Sultans one-ten.

Oops. Headed to the bus for the airport. More later (and the soccer shirts all fit in the suitcase !)

23xx addition: Van to Zanzibar Airport. Small plane to the mainland. Even cooler is when you get to sit in the co-pilot seat and enjoy the view of the coast, the city, and watch the runway come up to meet you.

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