Leaving Calgary

On AC844

In case everyone is completely confused, I am in Calgary because I was in Calgary last September. Now, doesn’t that make things really clear?
Ok. Calgary in September was the land portion of our ill fated 35th wedding anniversary cruise. No, the anniversary was not cancelled and the marriage is still ongoing, but we had scheduled the Canadian Rocky exploration on the Rocky Mountaineer along with a wine cruise down the Pacific coast on the Celebrity Millennium.

With me so far? The Millennium had azipod problems and everything was cancelled on us – extremely short notice. I had to scramble to put together the land portion. Celebrity would pay change fees for airfare, but not cancellation fees. Now exactly why would I need to change my fare into Calgary? It is not like it is a cruise port and you can’t rebook to a different airport. Trust me on that, I have tried. You can’t even change destinations within a city/region; I’ve tried. Of course, if the airline would rather have you fly to Newark than JFK it is a different story.

Where was I? Oh yes, flying into Calgary. One way airfare was four times the cost of round trip. So I set the outbound fare to a return after my Caribbean cruises in January. Can’t think of another reason (no offense to those from Canada reading this) why I would risk flying through a northern airport on my way home. Even adding in the flight from Florida to Calgary and two nights in a hotel it was still cheaper. Go figure.

So here I am, in Calgary where the temperatures are averaging -22*C as a two day stop on my way from Florida to Frankfurt. Check-out from Hampton Inn is noon. Baggage acceptance at Air Canada is 1400. Probably another benefit of being consistent with airlines is that the lovely Canadian Customer Service Rep one station over suggested that my French CSR just call Baggage and request that my bags be accepted early. Magnifique! and I was checked in.

There are lovely salads, free WiFi although not super high speed, coffee, sandwiches and soup. Coffee, hot chocolate, white wine (bad), red wine (worse) leaving me free reign in sodas, juices or a bit of Baileys for the decaf.

Boarding is at 1700, arrival in Frankfurt 1110 in the morning. All electronics are almost charged, I have choices on knitting, reading and of course there is the old standby for a transatlantic flight. Sleeping!

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