Leaving Cakes

provide yet another interesting example of the divergence of American and British customs and language.

The US Army side has a tendency to do farewell luncheons, providing us the opportunity to take someone out for a midday meal and embarrass them in public. Or dinner, when you are senior enough or there is a sense of obligation, a farewell dinner can turn into a rather prolonged and complex affair. There is a pattern of “gift” from the unit/workplace which is subsidized by the people remaining, cards, and words said by chain of command.

At 1100, everyone packed into the PAs’ office (= personal assistant. In this case, three of them share an office). There were sweets, a couple of cakes, strawberries and assorted crunchy snacks. After some time spent socializing, the Vet Brigadier did the thanks, presentations and good-byes.

It was much different from what I expected. There was humor, honesty and quite a bit of bite on everyone’s part. Might have been the personality of the person leaving: she was well liked, opinionated and could poke fun at herself as part of the process. Solemn it was not and rather chaotic.

Oh, she was leaving because her husband just retired from the military and they were heading back to the York area.  Somethings just are too similar to even question.

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