Le Havre

Back on shore, I think the Mole covered miela thia morning just walking around the city. I know that I did, partly just because I was looking for an In ternet connection. MacDonald’s is the answer here for free wiif.
The area near the harbor is both industrial and obvious post WWII hasty, ugly construction. Never the less, there are some wonderful parks, greeen avenues and benches on which to rest. Numerous monumnents to the towns people, the Resistence and the deported hold prominent place on a main square.

I skipped yarn stores today (surprised
you there, didn’t I?)

I wandered through The Docks – a former warehouse area that has been converted to stores with wonderful interior areas. Guard came over to tell me that photos were not allowed, but I am not deleting those I took.

Tomorrow morning we arrive in Dover. Before then, I am going to try and upload more photos.

Knitting count to here is two scarves, one cowl, three pairs of socks and all but the border on a full size shawl.

Not bad!

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  1. Cat says:

    Yikes! Did you DO anything else but knit! You must be very fast…. Ihave just blocked the last shawl for the Guild’s exhibition this weekend…phew!

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