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  1. Curious. I always make a point of turning corduroy or denim inside out before laundering so that the outside surface wears a little longer, but then I’ve got a Speed Queen, and while it’s fast and washes things really well I’m told the high speed of its agitation and spinning wears clothes out faster. So I try to make the wear and tear more on the inside where it doesn’t show.

    Now, pockets: I don’t do pockets. I tell family do your own, and if I find any money in the laundry it’s mine. Which in real life became an excuse to go to the local ice cream shop to blow said spare change (with a little more thrown in.)

    Then there was the time my then 18-year-old babysat an overnighter for a couple we knew well, and she was doing laundry afterwards. I checked the lid and casually sauntered through the family room and said something about ice cream money and her face was instantly stricken as she made a mad dash for all those twenties floating at the top of the water.

    I was nice that time.

    • Oh, that was nice. Returning the money…
      And, as Pat pointed out – turning things inside out to protect surfaces makes sense for stitched or printed items. But underwear? Nope…

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