In case you were wondering where in Chicago

but in reality it is more like this early in the morning

It should not surprise you to know that there are actually people who read the program. They walk up to the desk at 0700.

before set up

“I know that you are not set up or open yet, but can I have my badge?”

Now, if they were a volunteer I could understand it. Or perhaps on a panel, making a presentation, selling something in the dealers’ room. But for the rest of the world – nothing but nothing starts before 0900. The only people around at 0700 are those of us who have staggered by Caribou Coffee, or Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for a caffeine fix. The sole excepts are those still awake from the night before which essentially means gamers.

and the occasional person in costume, just because

but she already has her badge

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