Last night I was in Copenhagen

That is my planned tag line tonight at the A’s game when I am so tired that I can hardly see straight. Helps that it is the total and complete truth.  It will also be the first time showing up to a game this year with only a hat rather than a head scarf as well.

Other truths: I am flying SAS back to SFO. Reindeer Hides at the airport come complete with export papers and carrying case for 1/4th the cost of what they were in either Greenland or Iceland. If I didn’t have enough to carry… and George is headed to Heidelberg and won’t be back in the US till next Wednesday.

It helps that I am flying a decent class of both airline and ticket. The expedited line was not jammed at all. Turned out to be excellent as I managed to drop my boarding pass along the line and it took us a few minutes to locate it (on the floor next to me under another passenger’s foot). All of which probably explains why – when I went out of the lounge to get this photo:

The Lego Tourist

I came back to the lounge with my Lufthansa Senator card in my back pocket and a boarding pass from yesterday. The Danish woman running the lounge was kind, knew exactly the Lego Store and manually clicked the gate so I could return to obviously much needed coffee, my possessions and my husband who had to go through the regular security lane.

The combination of passengers in this lounge is rather interesting. Rather international in scope, it is easy to see who are the regular “Gold” card passengers and those who have wangled status through United Airlines. I will just leave it at that (and try not to sound either embarrassed or like a snob)  Otherwise, I am amazed always at the number of people traveling for business. And the number of businesses which spring for higher end tickets.  Now if I could teach them all about “indoor voice” it would be really nice.

I’ve about 45 minutes to go to boarding. Probably time to make sure that I have all things that I will need once on the light easily accessibly.

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