Labadee – again

This post is pre-positioned. There is no other source of internet on this private resort other than what is controlled by RCI. Since I don’t really care for either their prices or bandwidth, I don’t use any beyond the 30 minutes that they give me for free.

And since I have been here (Labadee) more than a couple of times, I decided to just relax in the solarium on the ship without fighting to get on or off ship. There isn’t much actually to do on shore without putting more money in the RCI coffers and BBQs are just not my thing….

other than that –
I went ahead and bought the rest of the related hitchhiker patterns. I am trying out the hat, then will move on to the mitts and wrist covers.



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  1. Can’t wait to see your hat knit up, haven’t done the wrist warmers or cowl yet. What colors are instore

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