Kuantan Malaysia

Typical for a cruise, the ship traveled from Singapore to Kuantan Malaysia while we slept. Not knowing if it was a good idea or not, we signed up for a tour. This meant driving around in a bus with a number of other German speakers being introduced to the countryside, seeing a contrast between the wealthy and the normal citizens.

In what turned out to be one of the major handcraft/tourist commodity we learned about Batik. (think printed or hand colored not dyed with wax resist. Since this is the part of the world where this sort of textile originated, the use of the term here is probably more correct than what it has come to mean in the Western countries.)

After driving through a number of suburbs (and seeing the contrast of how those with money lived) we did a short stop at the sea. Waves, rocks shaped like turtles and the occasional reptile were the options to people watching

Also on the list for the day were monkeys trained to pick coconuts and kite flying. The monkeys make sense letting the owner harvest palms 50-100 feet over one’s head without the need for heavy equipment, power or risking one’s own neck. The day finished with a guy flying a kite, us driving back in the rain quite glad that we were not in the 1100+ vehicle stau headed in the other direction (yes, I counted from boredom) and that the ship waited for us given the significant traffic delays.

Knitting? Yes that too even tho the shawl doesn’t look like much at the present

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