The moose is still here, Kristiansand

It was relaxing, just walking around a perfectly normal Norwegian town. Yes, several book stores had a few post cards and the small info point on the pier had magnets, but the tenor of the town is normal commerce.

Since last night I had flippantly texted the kids that this was their “last chance for Norwegian Sweaters” imagine my surprise when the replies I received were to the positive. So here I am
In the non tourist town looking for sweaters. My own fault. Several sweater stores in Oslo but I hadn’t offered so here I am looking for sweaters when it isn’t cold.

Husfliden! Yes they have sweaters. rauma (hand knit ) Dale, Viking. Next challenge was to find the sweaters in approximately the right color and size combination. Meeting up with friends I dragged my heavy bag to the quilt store – no purchases. To the other yarn store – no sweaters and avoided buying anything more.

Detoured back to the ship for lunch before hiking all over the town again. I have been here before and still find the sculptures a bit strange. But what clinched my memories was the stuffed moose on a rolling platform on the pier…,

And George- Happy Anniversary

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2 Responses to The moose is still here, Kristiansand

  1. AlisonH says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    And better a stuffed moose. My daughter’s first day on the job in Alaska her boss told her a moose between her front door and her car was an accepted reason for being late for work. Her second day, guess what there was. Right there. And it promptly demonstrated why the boss was right. (No injuries.)

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