Killing Time

For your entertainment this morning … as my buddy Steve in Upstate NY says – just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…

Sitting in the Avia lounge in Rome airport there is more alcohol than food. Of course there is expresso, but I think I am already caffeinated enough. What I had forgotten before I attempted to check in is that this is one of the few airports that actually enforces the “no checking in more than 3 hours before your flight” which is not a problem if you only have carryon, but I don’t want to be bothered toting and lifting overhead any time I can avoid it for free.

So I payed a small change fee and moved my flight up by seven hours.

Meanwhile, I think I have figured out the company that Celebrity was using for the land portion of the tour and fired off an email to the tour operators. If it works out, we will wind up with an extra day or two in Canada and still be in San Francisco the same time as we had been docking. I think that might be kind of cool considering that I can then either
1) visit Ruth and Alison
2) take a flight to either Chicago or Phoenix and torture one of my college students.
3) spend a day or so in San Diego prior to boarding the Solstice on the 23rd.

The land portion was the most interesting to both of us. I had been looking forward to the ship, but then I am always looking forward to being on a ship. This seemed like a particularly good and fun group of people.

And – I don’t have to give up my sunset harbor cruise of San Francisco!

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  1. Ruth says:

    I vote for the visit Ruth and/or Alison option!

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