It wasn’t until we were on the S-bahn between Mannheim and Heidelberg that I discovered the real reason my true love waited for me. We had been on different flights from the US; him flying first to SF and then home on Lufthansa, me straight from Denver on a flight that turned out to be significantly late.

“Do you have a house key?” he asks..

“Of course,” I reply, “Don’t you?”



and with that, everything was clear. He has been this particular route before, stranded without a way to get into the house. The last time wasn’t pretty and involved waiting most of the day for the Eldest who was off in another city. Our friend who has an emergency key was tied up at work. I was not in country which either took me off the blame line or placed me square in the center of the bull’s eye.

This time around there would be a limited ability to be rescued. The Eldest is in California, our friend with the key might/might not be around today. But here I am, returning on the same day ad close to the same time. Rather than ask me for my key (or ask me to bring an extra from home before coming to the states) he chose to say nothing.

Isn’t it so nice to be loved?

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3 Responses to Keybearer

  1. Mary says:

    Loved this story! Thanks for sharing.
    And, welcome home!

  2. Steven says:

    Hee hee hee hee….

  3. Ruth says:

    My Dearest is quite paranoid about keys…every time we leave home in my car, with me driving, he brings along “his” key….just in case. For the record, I have never locked myself out of the car…the house once or twice in 31 years, but never the car! Enjoy being appreciated for likely having the key my friend.

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