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Keflavik Airport — 9 Comments

  1. I enjoyed you comments very much, shows your nose has never gotten out of joint. Just as a question, are you planning on making traveling and visiting throughout the world a career, or are there places that you have not been to and your interest takes you there to satisfy it..

  2. Well…this sort of did answer my comment if these folks are capable of wiping their own asses!!!

  3. Interesting commentary on the ‘ladies who lunch’ set.

    The 1% behave exactly as caricatured.

  4. Amen. I was miffed when the literature for our cruise indicated that a sport coat at dinner for men was de rigeur. It actually was not, though I wore the one I brought because the AC was too strong.

  5. Oh, so true. And even the worst Star Alliance lounge is better than the VIP waiting area in Bagram’s PAX terminal.

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