Kazinga Channel

The Wiki reference in case you hadn’t looked it up… ¬†Out on a small boat – the nine of us and a Danish couple also staying at the lodge. You have seen most of these birds and animals before but still…. and we got off the water before the rain really hit.


019A6543 019A6566 019A6571 019A6572 019A6617 019A6623 019A6627 019A6631 019A6643 019A6648 019A6653 019A6657 019A6664 019A6679 019A6696 019A6708 019A6711 019A6762 019A6783 019A6792

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4 Responses to Kazinga Channel

  1. Linda M. says:

    Thank you for all the bird pictures today. I can identify most of the families but the individual species are all new to me (of course).

    • Holly says:

      When I get a chance I will go back and label most of them. the Egrets are easy (and they hang out with the Cape Buffalos) as are some of the cranes and storks. The piebald kingfishers are so much fun as is the malachite kingfisher (the little blue jobbers)

  2. Ruth says:

    You have certainly shot many beautiful photos in the last few days…amazing creatures, in a variety of occupations. Perhaps you should embark on a new career as a photographer?

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