Katherine of Aragon

Tomorrow I am off to Ypres on a staff ride. Our departure is early, before 0500, and I have to be at the meet up location even earlier than that with a return scheduled in the wee hours of Friday.

I can’t even bear to think about my Friday morning train to Cardiff. Or perhaps I should admit that I am already packed so that I can have a few more minutes of sleep.

Meanwhile, I am taking a couple days break from Faery Ring. Are you familiar with the Starmores’ Tudor Roses? It contains several sweaters, both stranded and not, which I adore. The first which I decided to tackle is Katherine of Aragon. I don’t need another cardigan and a tunic with fringe is beyond me. Something about “if you wore it that style when it went by the first time you have more sense than to do it again.” There is also the slight matter of not wanting something big enough for two of me.

Having a charting program is rather nice. I took a number of the separate patterns and recombined them till I had a look that I liked. Since I also like symmetrical, I took the time to mirror all the elements on either side of the center panel.



The yarn is Kauni – I have a cone in shades of blue and a large skein in cream/tan/rose. Are you surprised that I am knitting something that does not contain red, black, or grey?

The ribbing was knit on a 3.00 mm needle (or maybe it was 2.75?) several months ago before being set aside in favor of other projects. I went up to a 3.75-4.00 for the body since I wanted a light weight sweater with a gauge of 24/10 cm. I like the look and drape of the fabric. I am alright with the first set of colors, but will have to see how they develop. I am at the lightest part of the blue while the tan is getting steadily darker prior to becoming rose

23 rows of pattern

23 rows of pattern

There are 36 rows in the repeat for the center panel, 18 for the small divider panels, 36 for one of the side panels and 54 for another. I just figured out that I need to expand my chart or the second 36 rows are going to be interesting….

I was going to take a simple scarf for bus knitting tomorrow but have revised my thoughts and will drag along Pyramide. It would be so nice to get at least the first sleeve finished.

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2 Responses to Katherine of Aragon

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hmmm….why would anyone want a fringe on anything? (Untidy things in my view.) I have to confess I had wondered about doing something similar in respect of some yarn given me recently. Then I wondered if it would actually work. Let me know!

  2. Oh, Holly, that sweater is going to be gorgeous! I like what you did with the recharting. Lovely!

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