Kafue National Park (Day 2)

11 March 2015 – On the River

Do you remember Rudyard Kipling’s “Just so Stories.” This is not the Limpopo River but it certainly is muddy and home to significant numbers of both hippos and crocodiles. This morning we headed out split into two aluminum flat-bottomed boats with a canopy overhead and an outboard motor for power.

One of the group is married to an avid birder who really doesn’t like to travel. She knows a lot about birds plus is gleefully making a list (and taking photos) to share with her husband upon returning home. I am not sure but think part of the intent is to show him what he missed…. Anyway, she is almost as good as the guide about spotting the winged creatures and excellent with instructions for the rest of us who don’t have anywhere near either the eyesight or ability to recognize bird species. Her list for the trip went over 100 by the end of the morning.

This morning’s photos are mostly birds…

This afternoon, besides being entertained by hippos we saw more birds, listened to monkeys yell and watched the sunset from the Kufue River. After dinner it was entertain the tourists night. I am afraid I had more than enough of group togetherness. I can hear perfectly well from my cabin safe inside my mosquito netting which gives me the pleasure of listening without having to participate or swat insects.

Aside – I have never been a fan of enforced group fun and I don’t enjoy “local performances.” Obviously, participating is part of the job description for these kind of camps. So I suppose that if you don’t enjoy it, you find other employment. Zambian singing and dancing seems to involve drums. Lots of drums which don’t always have anything to do with either the basic rhythm or the music. Ot maybe it is a guest getting a chance to participate. I don’t know and I have earplugs.

















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