Kafue National Park (Day 1)

10 March 2015 – At Kafue National Park – Zambia

We are no longer at the Ritz; not even midrange camp actually. One couple who made this same round three years ago said that they stated at River Camp (next door) rather than here at Lufuto. The staff is fabulous, the maintenance much less so. It is simple, but electricity is a large issue. Most everything works off solar. I don’t have an issue with that, but I do when it comes to not being able to recharge camera batteries. Safaris are now photo safaris; most of us bring along both coms (cell phones) and computer so that we can download and back up photos which are literally the once in a life time. When you have problems with 14 people trying to charge everything off of two power strips hanging off one which is hanging off a generator which only runs 1100-1900 there are going to be issue. Everything thing is worn and duct taped.

Let me say a quick bit about the rest of the travelers: there is a couple celebrating their 61st anniversary, daughter of the couple who is celebrating (?) turing 50, a decades long friend of the couple and a good friend of the daughter’s (5 all together); there is one gentleman traveling solo; George and I; a couple who is celebrating #50 (children when they ran off to get married) and their two adult sons + daughters-in-law (6 all told). Age range of the group is running from the “baby” who is below 50 to the four oldest in their 80s. Everyone is active, mobile and having a great time. There is no one in the group occupied with taking selfies…..

As I think I mentioned – the camp is located on the river where you can see beautiful reflections first thing in the morning before the wind comes up.

Today was wild animal drive day. I have problem using the term “game driver.” I find it laden with connotations from the colonial era that involved mostly men in safari clothing and hats with large guns looking for lions and elephants. Not the local tribesmen looking to feed themselves. Today hunting is not in the equation; we are out with cameras looking for photos.

Our guides reported that lions had taken down (=killed) a hippo a few days ago so that was stop one on our trip. Not for the “kill” per se but to see if the lions were still hanging out. Yes, three of them with one male relaxing by himself and two relaxing in the sun on the other side of a small grove of bushes.

Then there are the crowned cranes, candelabra tree, more varieties of antelope (impalas, pukus, butterflies, and dozens of variety of birds. Oh, yes, monkeys, rainstorms hippos and crocodiles.


















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