Just one more

Mitres – it is amazing how long it really takes to knit one. and then there is the temptation to knit

just one more

making up for an unproductive day at work with a quiet evening of miters and music.

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4 Responses to Just one more

  1. The cat says:

    Vivian Hoxbro says it is not meant to be fast! It is too fiddly for me.

  2. Helen Halla Fleischer says:

    You’re progressing really quickly! Those colors should look really nice on you.I recently got that book and fell in love with the same coat, but there are a few other things in the queue ahead of it. The vest I made of mitres went really quickly, too. It’s a nice combination of mindless and addictive.

  3. Carmen says:

    I am just impressed with anyone who can knit whole garments that fit adults. I can barely get enough time together to get a little baby jacket done. (And it is almost gardening season, so I am probably nuts to start a summer top for me.)

  4. Omar says:

    Sehr schöner Blog

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