Just Maybe

The G1 for 30th is a very smart woman. She may just have come up with a solution. It involves transferring responsibility from MDW (Military District of Washington) to USAREUR for my orders but it should get most of what I want.

Now to see if I can get manage to pull together all of the paperwork.

Following up on earlier thoughts about finishing jobs, careers and celebrations – I have decided to have a party. Looking at the house -there is no real way I can manage on the 30th. I need the extra month to clean up the place.

But going to have a “Been There, Done with That” Party. Now I just have to get the T-Shirt made.

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6 Responses to Just Maybe

  1. Alison says:

    Progress! Have fun celebrating!

  2. Ruth says:

    Your party sounds awesome. Wish I could be there…Germany is still on my wish list. Has been since I was 10. Ah well….enjoy!

  3. Berg says:

    I think you can pull any number of t-shirts out of your duffle bag considering all you’ve done and all the places you’ve been. Enjoy YOUR day when and anyway you can.

  4. Diana says:

    Love that idea,
    will it be in end of April then?

  5. Carmen says:

    You could always knit one. :-

  6. Val says:

    Wish I could celebrate with you!

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