Just like Modern Housing

I had a flash back yesterday morning when I was headed toward work. On my door was a sign stating that the electricians would be by for an inspection today.

This was a regular drill at Sandhurst. They would send out a notice, and then come by the house at a different date/time. Leaving a nasty notice in red if you failed to meet them or their expectations. Now, for anyone on the road at all, you would come back to a pile of notices, all of which were days to weeks in the past. The times you would organize yourself and your life for them – well, they would fail to show.

I had seen guys around in the housing area on Sunday morning running around with tool boxes as well as signs on other people’s doors. When the rude technicians stopped me, I explained that I had to work and that Monday after 1500 was as good as it was going to get. Something about us having a flag officer in town.

Getting through all of that – I cut a number of things short to be back in my Bhut by 1430.

Well, you guessed it – 1500 came and went along with 1600. 

Wandering over to the billeting office, the nice gal at the counter called. She listened to them, then frowning, turned back to me. They say they only inspect from 0900-1400. 

Oh, really? says I. That bit of information is not on the flyers. All the flyers have is a date. Since I work long hours, and the guys yesterday knew I could not get back till 1500, I don’t understand.

The guy on the phone gives her some grief and she shoves back. His men should have put the time on the flyers; they should not have told someone that 1500 was ok if it was not. And yes, she has been waiting since before 1500. They cave.

45 minutes later a couple of older, obviously US guys show up. They have hard hats, plaid shirts, dockers, beards and bellys. One looks to be in his 40s, the other much closer to my age. They are fine, they are cheerful and 10 minutes later my two outlets have been tested and pronounced fine.

Of course I don’t have anything out and electrical other than the computer and one lamp. I most certainly do not have extension cords hooked into each other or creating an octopus.

We thank each other most politely and they head back out. Taking my kettle out of the cupboard, I plug it in, planning on a cup of tea since there seems to be no sense in heading back to work.

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  1. Berg says:

    Ya gotta just play the game. Thanks for the somewhat comical memories of contractor support.

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